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Arboretum Kalmthout, Belgium
7th March to 26th April 2015

Over Eikelvaasjes en Hyacintenglazen
About Acorn Vases and Hyacinth Glasses

This exhibition brought Spring directly into the home with a colourful collection of exceptional antique bulb glasses and acorn vases.

20th December

patricia Coccoris on TV - © RTBF

An excellent documentary was filmed at Kalmtout on 'Plant day', 19th April (see below), by the Belgian TV station, RTBF. Click here to see the 4m 34s film.

19th April

On Plant Day, 19th April, Patricia gave a talk at this venue.

Setting Up and a TV Interview!

A few photos (all copyright © Annemiek Husslage) taken at Arboretum Kalmthout the day before the exhibiton starts. The director of Arboretum Kalmthout, Abraham Rammeloo, also arranged with the Belgian TV station, RTBF, to film an introduction for the exhibition. The programme is called Jardins et Loisirs (Gardens and Leisure) and is presented by Luc Noël, a well-known broadcaster.

These photos are a few taken during the setting up and filming. Click any photo to expand:

Arboretum Kalmthout
Tree at the Arboretum in Kalmthout
Abraham Rammeloo
Abraham Rammeloo, Director of the Arboretum
Abraham Rammeloo on TV
Abraham being filmed by RTBF TV for Jardins et Loisirs
Acorns at Kalmthout
The display of acorns at Kalmthout

Growing acorns on water - how it used to be done
Hyacinths at Kalmthout
A selection of hyacinths growing on water
Patricia Coccorus and Luc Noel
Patricia Coccoris with TV presenter Luc Noël
Patricia Cocoris and Luc Noel
Patricia with Luc Noël, and RTBF lighting crew
Window of Hyacinths
Simulation of German windows with hyacinth vases between
Patricia Coccoris being filmed at Kalmthout
Patricia being interviewed by Luc Noël
, and filmed by RTBF film crew
Margaret Howdle, Glassroots, at Kalmthout
The display of Glassroots vases designed by Margaret Howdle in 2000, complete with one of the original wooden moulds

Not on display here is the specially designed showcase featuring bulb vases that glow bright green under UV (black) light