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Early ViewsDuring the 17th and 18th centuries, discoveries included potatoes, cocoa beans to flower bulbs of all description.

It led to 'Tulipmania' in Holland in 1637, and to the lesser known 'Hyacinthmania' in 1734.

Development of the bulb vase

With Holland turning bulbs into a world commodity, it did not take long before the bulb vase was developed, and the earliest known vases date back to the very early 18th century. From Philip Miller in England, from Sweden to Germany, to the court of Louis XV and his mistress Madame de Pompadour in France, all their experiments with bulb vases are explained.

Victorian England with the 2nd Industrial Revolution developed this passion into an art form.

After the Edwardian period (1901–1910), a steep decline in the demand for bulb vases occured and other implements took over.

From the mid 20th century until now a revival can be seen, and a fresh wave of bulb vases can now be found from around the world.