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As interest grows in the art of forcing bulbs, the book also gathers momentum and this has resulted in articles about the subject.

Country Gardens magazineCountry Gardens (USA)
Early Spring (January) 2013

Patricia Coccoris acted as consultant for a 6-page article written by Tovah Martin on bulb vases.

Tovah Martin is a vegetable and cottage gardener and is accredited with NOFA as an Organic Land Care Professional. She has also written many books, including Once Upon a Windowsill, in which a complete chapter is dedicated to forcing bulbs indoors.

Homes & Antiques magazineHomes & Antiques
March 2013

A 5-page article written by Patricia Coccoris for the 'Instant Expert' regular column. The article gives a potted history of the bulb vase, with advice for collectors on the best vases to look for.

COLLECT magazine cover, November 2013COLLECT
Kunst & Antiek Journaal
November 2013

An article written by Patricia for one of Holland's most prestigious antique magazines.

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(reproduced with kind permission).

COLLECT magazine works closely together with the bi-annual PAN fair in Amsterdam, where Patricia's book is available at Scriptum Art Books.

COLLECT magazine cover, November 2013De Tuin in vier seizoenen
Winter 2013

[The Garden in Four Seasons] An extremely well produced magazine that features a 4-page article by Hanneke Jelles on forcing vases. Advice given by Patricia.

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(reproduced with kind permission).

De Oude Flesch
De Oude FleschGlashistorisch Tijdschrift
1st Quarter 2014

Features a 4-page article written by Patricia, entitled 'Een Fles voor een Bloembol' (A Bottle for a Bulb), with a 2-page English summary by Johan Soetens.