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Patricia Coccoris, author of The Curious History of the Bulb Vase


Talk on the life George Piercy Tye at Birmingham University, 21 Nov.

Exhibition of Bulb Vases at Broadfield House, until August at least.

Article by Patricia in De Oude Flesch, 1st Quarter 2014.

De Oude Flesch

Download!: Entire article from De Tuin in vier seizoenen, Winter 2013.

De Tuin magazine, Winter 2013

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The Curious History of the Bulb Vase

Welcome... to "Glasses in Bloom"

The website is owned by Patricia Coccoris, a researcher and author living in Haarlem, Holland, the historical home of bulbs. Patricia's book, The Curious History of the Bulb Vase (ISBN: 9780956809612), examines the history of 300 years of bulb vases.

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The price of the book, The Curious History of the Bulb Vase, has now been reduced to £25 / €30.

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The thing is...

There is a lot more to bulbs than planting them in the ground. Forcing the growth of virtually any bulb on water is something of an art form that is explained fully in Patricia's book.

Many surprises will be revealed here on this website, and even more are reserved for the book, of course!

What Bulbs?

The amount of bulbs that can be forced on water is amazing: hyacinth, muscari, tulips, crocus, daffodils, amaryllis, snowdrops, leucojum, iris, scilla, allium, and even acorns, radishes,avocado and sweet potatoes have all been grown successfully on glass and can give many days of pleasure.